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Ash & Dash

Mar 06, 2019
St. George Episcopal Church - Drive Thru
St. George Episcopal Church - Drive Thru
423 North Business Hwy 5
Camdenton Missouri 65020
7:00–9:00 am & 2:00–4:00 pm
The 2nd Annual “Ash and Dash” will be held at St. George Episcopal Church, 423 N. Business Highway 5, Camdenton, MO, between 7:00 and 9:00 AM and 2:00 to 4:00 PM. The Reverend Laura Hughes will be dispensing ashes in the drive-through by marking each individual’s forehead with the sign of our Savior's cross as they remain in their car. St. George, in 2018, decided to offer Christians unable to make Ash Wednesday services the opportunity to share in this tradition as a personal remembrance for their transgressions. In the Episcopal tradition of inclusiveness, St. George welcomes all members of our community to share with us and all Christians the beginning of the sacred season of Lent by receiving the sign of the cross. A similar program initiated in 2007, Ashes to Go, by Anglican Priest Emily Mellot of Calvary Church in Lombard, England, took ashes from the sanctuary to the streets to share with passersby. Then in 2017, Roman Catholic Priest Paddy Mooney in Glenmaddy, Ireland, administered the first drive-through ash distribution. The distribution of ashes on the first day of the forty-day Lenten Season is a Christian tradition going back hundreds of years. Many believe it started during the sixth century as an expression of humility and mortality, as well as sorrow and repentance for sin. The holy season of Lent is a perfect time for reflection and that expression of remorse can begin with a momentary stop at St. George.