Spring Zen Retreat

Mar 19, 2021 - Mar 21, 2021

Old Kinderhook Golf Resort and Spa

678 Old Kinderhook Drive

Camdenton, 65020

Hours of Operation:

6 pm Friday to Noon Sunday

Come escape to the heart of the ozarks for a weekend of zen. Offering a variety of workshops tailored to change your life and open your heart. The award winning spacious location of Old Kinderhook Golf Resort provides a peaceful luxurious atmosphere to allow the minute details of your life fade away so you can release and be free. Friday: 6pm-8pm Opening Ceremony to include Yoga with Yolanda and team building activity Saturday: 8am 1) Power Yoga w/Cierra Grein 2) Pilates w/Jan Thorne 3) Meditation w/ Mike Mueller 9:15am 1) Acro w/Kalise & Yolanda 2) Flexy and Sexy w/Alli Carroll 3) Chakras w/Marcia 10:30am 1) Auras w/Marcia 2) Herbs w/Erin Blank 3) Ashtanga Yoga 11:45-12:30 Lunch 12:45pm 1) Astrology w/Erin 2) Essential Oils w/Earth Gypsy 3) Yoga w/Charis 2pm 1) Flexy & Sexy 2) Passion Flow w/Yolanda 3:15pm 1) Pranayama w/Linda 2) Herbs w/Erin 3) Yoga w/Charis 4:30pm 1) Astrology w/Erin 2) Essential Oils w/ Earth Gypsy 3) Neurological Healing Presentation 1of 2 w/Christi Hancock 5:45pm 1) Neurological Healing Activity 2 of 2 w/Christi Hancock 2) Meditation w/Mike Mueller 3) Ashtanga Yoga 7pm Dinner/Concert/Vendors Sunday 8am 1) Power Yoga w/Cierra 2) Pilates w/Jan Thorne 9:15am 1) Pranayama w/Linda 2) Chakras w/Charis 3) Auras w/Marcia 10:30am 1) Ashtanga Yoga 2) Meditation w/Mike Mueller 3) Yin w/Linda 11:45am Self Exploration with Yolanda Closing Ceremony Tickets are $299 each or 2 for $249 each Lodging at Old Kinderhook is $89 a night plus taxes Lunch and dinner included on Saturday if you lodge at Old Kinderhook $45 per person if you don?t Click on ticket link, scroll down on main page click on rsvp then submit your information Individual Workshop $25 Discounts to past retreat attendees, healthcare workers, teachers, veterans, and disabled persons so disclose that information when you reach out.

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