Harbor Hop Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Spring Harbor Hop winners!

Harbor Hop Results

Overall Winners

1) Jessie Murray, St. Charles, MO - Royal Flush
2) Laurie Larsen, Lee Summit , MO - Straight Flush 7 high
3) Collin Jasper, Washington, MO - Straight Flush 7 high
4) Kathy Bull, St Charles , MO - Four of a kind 6's 
5) Brady French, Kansas City , MO - Four of a kind K's 
6) Larry McDonald, Gravios Mills , MO - Full house A/9
7) Deborah Buddemeyer, Wentzville, MO - Full house A/8
8) Mackenzie Cantwell, Kansas City , KS - Full house A/8
9) Mandy Lekin, Toledo, IA - Full hosue A/6
10) Marty Munsch, Creve Coeur, MO - Full house A/5

Section Winners

Section 1) Mackenzie Cantwell, Kansas City , KS - Full house A/8
Section 2) Larry Parks, Independence, MO - Full house 8/Q
Section 3) Chad Shelton, Kearney, MO - Full house K/J
Section 4) Laurie Larsen, Lee Summit , MO - Straight Flush 7 high
Section 5) Jeanette Robinson, Stover, MO - Flush - diamonds

Worst Hands Winners

Gene Schmeliny, Atlantic, IA
David Gadwood, Shawnee, KS
Mary Stubbs, O'Fallon, MO
Jennifer Pike, Nixa, MO
Douglas Watts, Burlington, IA
Jill Jansen, St. Charles, MO

Random Drawing

Geri Connett, Camdenton, MO
Treva Allen, Independence, MO
Tyler Robinson, Blue Springs, MO
Pamela Coffman, Gravios Mills , MO
Nancy Allison, Camdenton, MO
Randy Jacoby, Lake Ozark, MO
Kurrin Shelton, Kearney, MO
Bill Meenan, Sunrise Beach, MO
Steve Litschgi, Fenton, MO
Paige Anderson, Sunrise Beach, MO

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