Plan Your Stay at a Lake of the Ozarks Vacation Home Rental

A vacation that feels like home, but better

Start your trip right with a condo or house rental in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Millions of visitors from around the world come to Missouri’s largest lake destination each year thanks to its reputation as a perfect place for family vacations, reunions, couples’ weekends, friends’ gatherings, business conventions and more.

While vacations beckon with fun and relaxation, traveling in a large group—or even our family of four—can present many challenges, including the need to be strategic about meal planning and bed assignments, for starters.

We found that renting a Lake of the Ozarks condo or house resolves those issues and makes the getaway something special. We chose Knolls Resort condo in Osage Beach, and easily enjoyed the same privacy and amenities we have at home, with plenty of activities to keep us busy. And soaking in the majestic lake views from the comfort of beautiful, spacious accommodations was unforgettable.

Here are several more reasons why many people find it the best decision they’ve made for taking a vacation.

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Enough room for everyone maximizes fun and relaxation

No parent looks forward to the kids fighting over which side of the bed to sleep on or rustling around all night long. Renting a condo or house meant we could each have our own room to settle into, setting a restful tone for the whole vacation.

Lake of the Ozarks boasts a large variety of house and condo size options, so it’s easy to find one that meets a family’s exact specifications, with as many bedrooms and bathrooms as needed for a group to spread out and make each space their own.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park Lake of the OzarksAnd those spaces are unforgettable. Owners take care to furnish beautifully and with comfort in mind so it feels like home, but even better. Vaulted ceilings are a signature architectural style at Lake of the Ozarks, giving the accommodations a sense of space and luxury.

From the moment we stepped in our condo, we knew it was more than just a place to drop our bags. We spent just as much time there as we did exploring all the lake has to offer.

Another bonus with renting a condo or house is in the heart of the home: Full-sized kitchens make it easy to whip up meals for the whole group. We saved time and money by eating home-cooked meals, which is important when your group spends a day of walking and hiking trails at Ha Ha Tonka State Park—and one of them happens to be a hungry teenage boy. Plus, because of our rental’s dining room, we maintained our family routine of sitting down together for meals—a nice touch when some members of the group have been gone enjoying one of the area’s 14 golf courses.

Spill something during that great family meal? Not to worry. Most units have a laundry washer and dryer. We stayed on top of laundry throughout our stay, leaving less to do when we had to return to the “real world.”

Incredible views

Family Boating at Lake of the OzarksWhat better way to vacation at the lake than by taking in 1,150 miles of shoreline every day from the comfort of the living room? With thousands of condo or house rental overlooking the lake, visitors get a front-row seat to all the lake has to offer right from their private deck or patio.

Imagine waking up each morning to the mist rolling off the coves and hills surrounding the calm, smooth waters of the lake. It created just the opportunity for quiet reflection I needed to start my day before the household awoke and began to buzz with activity.

The lake comes alive with action in the afternoons. The sun glitters across the surface, boats slicing shapes into the water with their wakes. The kids loved watching from our deck with excitement each day and would remind us it was time to get in on the fun. We would hit up places like Super Dave’s paddle boarding and Big Surf Waterpark before that magical hour when the day gives way to night and the dock lights twinkle off the glassy, calm surface once more.

Keeping the whole family entertained

After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast at home, we didn’t have to venture far to find interesting and entertaining things to do at Lake of the Ozarks—they’re right outside the front door. Many condo communities have generous onsite amenities for kids and adults alike.

Skee Ball Family Fun at Lake of the Ozarks For instance, we happily discovered that the Knolls Resort has indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball court, playground, clubhouse, sauna and steam room, game room, and a boat launch.

Other properties boast boat rentals as well as easy, onsite access to paddle boarding or canoeing across the cove. Or taking a jet ski out to see more of the winding lake as it snakes across the region. Better yet, a rented pontoon can go far and wide as guests look for the perfect lakeside lunch spot.

Beyond the resort, we were conveniently located near a bustle of activity like guided tours at Bridal Cave and other kid-friendly places including Miner Mike’s Indoor Family Fun Center, making it easy to beat the summer heat when the mood struck.

Staying in a lakeside condo gave us the luxury we seek from a vacation while keeping a homey environment—truly a “home away from home.”

Begin planning your Lake of the Ozarks getaway

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